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Oven Mitt Johnson




About Crabid

Crabid ('cra-bid). adj. 1: like a crab. 2: furious. 3: like a furious crab. 4: resembling a tiger that's acting like a furious crab.

Crabid Music was created to facilitate the recording, production, and distribution of artists who display sufficient Crabitity, as judged by the founders of Crabid Music: David Minnick and Chris Minnick.

Crabid Promos

Note: for best results, right click on the links and save these to your computer before listening.

Description Length
"I am Crabid!" :06
Roar and Cough :07
"I am the Crabid Tiger" :06
"Whenever you see the ugly old tiger..." :12
"Crabid Music. The music with the Crabid Tiger! Rar!" :08
"Crabid Muuuusiiiic" :07
"C-R-A-B-I-D. Crabid!" :07
"Crabid Music is my favorite kind of music." :06
"do do do do Crabid!" :08

Crabid Banners

Here are a few banners we made that you can post on your myspace profile or where ever you like. If you want, you can even download an EPS file of the Crabid Tiger, so that you can make your own banner. Please send us a copy of anything you make, and we'll post it here.










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