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Oven Mitt Johnson




Crabid Artists

The Sursiks: From answering machine messages to the inventions of a 3-year old girl, the Sursiks are the masters of exposing the musicality of ordinary speech...or something...they make catchy tunes from very honest and unstaged sources.

Oven Mitt Johnson: the bluesman with the guitar so hot he's gotta wear an oven mitt.

DJ Fimbletron: the mystery composer with the incredibly long puppet show.

Mudflap: the west coast's premier truckin' band.

Zermos : abstract, hyperactive, kaleidoscopic free improv for alto sax, bass and piano by three of Detroit's most crabid jazz musicians.

Buck-o: the reclusive Sacramento band that doesn't even show up for it's own live shows, preferring to phone them in from undisclosed locations.

Gunrack: the legendary early 90s Ann Arbor Punk-a-billy band that inspired a generation of imitators.


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