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Oven Mitt Johnson




Oven Mitt Johnson

Hot Guitar
Hot Guitar
by Oven Mitt Johnson (Audio CD)

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The true origins of Oven Mitt Johnson are somewhat of a mystery. Depending on the interview you read, he grew up either in Detroit or Memphis, or he "hatched out of a fireball from space".

Whatever his origins, Oven Mitt has emerged as a powerful force in the blues. Legend has it that he struggled for years as a typical (un-mitted) blues guitarist playing the coffee house and yuppie bar circuit. Back then, he was known simply as "Johnson". Everything changed one night in 1989 when he opened for Hot Glove Simms in Nashville.

Read the complete Oven Mitt Johnson story at: www.ovenmittjohnson.com - Official Oven Mitt Johnson Web Site!

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